Brown's time as Chancellor was marked by major reform of Britain's monetary and fiscal policy architecture, transferring interest rate setting powers to the Bank of England , by a wide extension of the powers of the Treasury to cover much domestic policy and by transferring responsibility for banking supervision to the Financial Services Authority . Controversial moves included the abolition of advance corporation tax (ACT) relief in his first budget, [2] [3] and the removal in his final budget of the 10% "starting rate" of personal income tax which he had introduced in 1999. [4] In 2007, Tony Blair resigned as Prime Minister and Labour Leader and Brown was chosen to replace him in an uncontested election .

Brown was born on 8 December 1984 in Celle , West Germany , a town situated near the city of Hanover . His father Leroy is native to Jamaica , while his mother Inge is German. Dustin's parents met in Jamaica and later settled in Celle. Outside of tennis, he played sports such as football , judo , and handball throughout his childhood. He began to focus solely on tennis at the age of eight, saying: "When I made the decision to pursue tennis instead of football, of course I wanted to be successful. I didn't want just to end up playing for a club somewhere." [4] Despite not seeing tremendous success in tennis as a junior, he drew attention from Kim Michael Wittenberg, an American who ran a tennis academy near Hanover. Wittenberg regularly gave Brown lessons, and according to his pupil, he "taught him to play tennis." [4] [5]

Dennis Brown - First Born - Mr BojanglesDennis Brown - First Born - Mr BojanglesDennis Brown - First Born - Mr BojanglesDennis Brown - First Born - Mr Bojangles